PIXFASH is a blog full of tips, ideas, and articles on MapleStory fashion, that also includes all of the past designs I have made before. Pixfash is the short form of 'pixel fashion'. There are plenty of pre-made characters for you to use, or provide you with inspiration to customize your own unique Maple character. Characters are always created based on what looks good, and not what's in trend.

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Saturday, 3 December 2011 @ 5:57 pm


Current / Option 1 / Option 2

A/N: Not quite sure if I want to keep my current look for my Evan. If I get the 2nd look, will the blue clash with the blue dragon? And the 2nd look seem too crowded (especially with a huge-ass Kage staff)? I like the 3rd look too, but that hairstyle hasn't arrived in MapleSEA yet. Decisions, decisions.


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